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Physical Therapists

Albemarle Square

Amber Myers, MPT

Specialization: General orthopedic rehabilitation after injury or surgery with a special interest in vestibular rehabilitation and balance disorders

Ann DeJong, PT

Specialization: Orthopedic related injuries including pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, TMD (jaw pain), cervical dysfunctions and balance disorders. Joint Replacements.


Bettina Stevens, DPT

Specialization: Dance-related injuries, pilates-based rehabilitation, general orthopedic rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation

David Strickler, MPT, MA

Specialization:  Post-surgical shoulder rehabilitation, RTC dysfunction, joint replacement rehabilitation, treatment of swimmers, general orthopedic rehabilitation

Jana Early, DPT

Specialization: General orthopedic rehabilitation, cervical and lumbar disorders, sports-related injuries, shoulder dysfunction, TMJ pain, BPPV treatment

Judy Zacharias, MSPT

Specialization: Treatment of back hip and shoulder pain. General orthopedics and women's health issues including osteoporosis, structural pain during pregnancy, incontinence and coccydynia

Kim Starr, PT

Executive Director

Specialization: Treatment of injured athletes, foot and ankle disorders, shoulder and knee dysfunction, gait assessment and fabrication of custom orthotics

Louisa Bair, PT, CIMT

Specialization:  Addresses Back, Sacral-iliac joint, Lumbar, Thoracic, and Cervical spinal dysfunctions with a manual approach, manual techniques, muscle energy techniques, Graston technique for fascia mobility, and "Egoscue" alignment therapeutic exercise for orthopedic rehabilitation and for return to optimal function.

Sarah Schmidt, PTA

Clinic Manager

Specialization: Aquatic PT, general orthopedics, injuries of the foot and ankle. Joint replacements, knee and hip dysfunction, neck pain and balance disorders.

Becky Keller, DPT, ATC

Specialization: General orthopedics, sports related injuries, post surgical rehabilitation, total joint replacement and core stabilization.

Mark Caplinger, PT, DPT

Specialization: General Orthopedic rehabilitation and sports-related injuries.

Tara Fontenot, DPT

Specialization: General orthopedic/sports rehabilitation with a special interest in return to play, post surgical rehabilitation, postural dysfunction, pregnancy related low back/hip pain

Robert "Wid" Lyman, DPT

Specialization: Injury prevention, Exercise testing/performance, Therapeutic exercise mechanics with emphasis on gluteal control/strengthening, Adaptive sports and Special Olympics participants.

Samantha Block, DPT

Specialization: Sports and general orthopedic injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, and pediatrics.

Nathan Gillispie, DPT

Specialization: General orthopedics, sport related injuries with special interest in rehabilitation of running injuries, foot and ankle disorders, and shoulder and knee rehabilitation.

Stephen Jackson, PTA

Specialization: General orthopedic rehabilitation, sport-related injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, trunk/core stabilization

Nicole Grevious, PTA, ATC

Specialization: Performance enhancement and conditioning programs, injury prevention, assessment of athletic injuries. Foot/ankle injuries and soccer specific injuries including sprains/strains, concussions, shin splints, heel pain and knee/hip issues.


Downtown Charlottesville

Amy Boyer, MPT, MAED, ATC

ATC Manager

Specialization: Sports-related injuries to the shoulder, knee and foot/ankle, post-surgical rehabilitation including ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff tears and total joint replacements, general orthopedic conditions, Dry Needling Certified.

Angela Kavounas, MPT, DPT

Clinic Manager 

Specialization: Orthopedic Foot/Ankle injuries including custom orthotics, gait assessments, biomechanical evaluations of the lower extremity. Shoulder pain: postural syndromes, impingement and RC syndrome. Sports medicine injuries of the hip/knee and foot/ankle.

Catherine Haney PT, MS, OCS

Specialization: Orthopaedic and sports-related injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation of the extremities and spine, joint replacement rehab, injury prevention and management education

Christine Dean, DPT

Specialization: General orthopedic rehabilitation, cervical spine and jaw disorders, shoulder dysfunction, and patient education on lifestyle change

Megan Braverman, DPT

Specialization: Postural dysfunctions and core training, vestibular rehabilitation including BPPV, sports and orthopedic injuries and postoperative care, neurological rehabilitation for chronic conditions such as stroke, muscular sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

Rebecca Brown, DPT

Specialization: Dance related injuries, general orthopedics and core stabilization

Carter Norbo, PT, DPT

Specialization: General orthopedic rehabilitation, sport-related injuries with a special interest in running injuries and gait analysis

Amanda Engel-Johnson, PTA

Specialization:General orthopedics rehabilitation, sports-related injuries, and post-surgical rehabilitation

Susannah Hill, DPT

Specialization: General orthopedics, spine/postural dysfunction, and sports rehabilitation with a special interest in strength and conditioning in the prevention of injury and safe return to activity.




Jean Momorella, MPT, CSCS

Specialization: Sports and orthopedic injuries, including pediatric athletes. Special interest in shoulder and hip stabilization techniques, tennis and overhead sports injuries.

Jennifer Fontaine, MPT

Clinic Manager

Specialization: Treatment of Pediatrics/Pediatric sports medicine, vestibular and neurologic rehabilitation and general orthopedics.

Agnes F. Schrider, PT

Specialization: General orthopedics and geriatrics, cervical, thoracic and lumbar dysfunction, shoulder rehabilitation, pre- and post surgical care.

Justin Taggart, DPT

Specialization:General orthopaedics and rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, running and biking related injuries, overhead athletes

Steve Berkey, DPT

Specialization:Endurance sports injuries (i.e. running, cycling, triathlons), general orthopedic rehabilitation, manual therapy approach, biomechanical assessment and custom orthotics



Brooke Miller, DPT, ATC

Specialization: Treatment of Sports and Orthopedic Injuries, injury prevention and progression of exercise and stabilization programs. Postural syndromes, neck and shoulder

Sarah Gillispie, DPT

Specialization: General orthopedic rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, pediatric and adult sports medicine

Katherine Henderson, DPT

Specialization: General orthopedics, sport-related injuries in athletes of all levels and ages, low back pain, and SI joint Dysfunction.

Jodie Stellern, MPT, Cert TPDN

Specialization: Certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling, Graston Technique Provider, treatment of SI dysfunction, knee rehabilitation, general orthopedics, sports medicine and post surgical care


Spine Center

Albert Wong, PT, CSCS

Specialization: General orthopedics, sport-related injuries, spine, core stabilization, FMS certified, SFMA certified, kinesiotaping and rocktaping certified, and NSCA certified strength conditioning specialist.

Sarah Schmidt, PTA

Specialization: Aquatic PT, general orthopedics, injuries of the foot and ankle. Joint replacements, knee and hip dysfunction, neck pain and balance disorders.


Athletic Trainers

Renee Smith, ATC, MS, CSCS

Specialization - Prevention and assessment of athletic injuries, design of sport specific exercise programs

Erin Brooks, MS, ATC

Specialization: Prevention and management of sports-related injuries. Assessment and treatment of athletic injuries in high school athletes as well as progression of sport-specific activities after injury and return to sport.

Shannon Snell, ATC, MAED

Specialization: Prevention, assessment, and management of sports-related injuries. Including sport specific return to play post injury.

Thomasina Johnson ATC, MAT

Specialization: Prevention, intervention, treatment and rehabilitation of orthopaedic and sports related injuries.

Allison Wagner, M.Ed., ATC

Specialization: Prevention, evaluation, and treatment of sports related injuries

Shay McLean, LAT, ATC

Specialization: Prevention, assessment, and management of sports-related injuries; which also includes the progression of sports specific activities for return to play.


Administrative Team

Joanne Ward

Office Supervisor

Joannie McCorkle

Billing/Referral Coordinator

Rose Thomas

Billing/Referral Coordinator

Sandie Gaylinn

Billing/Referral Coordinator

Laura Jennings

Front Office Coordinator - Albemarle Square

Reba Rhoades

Front Office Coordinator - Albemarle Square

Carmen Ramm

Front Office Coordinator - Albemarle Square

Sylvia Kohstall

Front Office Coordinator - Downtown

Rachael Keithley

Front Office Coordinator - Downtown

Robyn Evans

Front Office Coordinator- Crozet

Christine Neri

Business Operations Manager

Ashley Barber

Front Office Coordinator - Pantops

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