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BASE Clinic (formerly the Spine Center)

Non-surgical, no medication, it works

80% of patients have significantly reduced or eliminated their back pain

Build functional strength and stay active while you heal

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What makes our BASE Clinic Therapy so unique?

Unique: Our proprietary equipment and protocols are not found in other therapy settings.

Staff: Highly skilled, trained and able to administer exercise routines specific to spine ailments of all ages and conditions: acute, chronic, pre-op and post-op.

Effective: The exercises are customizable, targeting all the major and minor muscle groups supporting the spine and body.

Less Dependent: Patients have less dependence on health care providers once they learn how to manage their pain with effective exercises.

Results: Patients appreciate increased function, strength, flexibility, stability with significantly reduced pain.

Private Treatment Rooms Warm Water Therapy Pools 1/12 & 1/14 mile Indoor Walk/Jog Tracks
Latest Exercise Equipment Specialized training areas for PT clients Childcare available the day of your