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Payment Options

PT@acac is a provider with all major insurance companies.

Not sure what your insurance will cover? Contact us. Physical Therapy@acac will verify physical therapy benefits prior to your initial evaluation and obtain authorization if needed, as courtesy to you.

We file insurance claims for each date of service and claims are reviewed and reimbursed according to the terms of your insurance policy. You will be informed of your financial responsibility at your first appointment.

All Co-pays or Co-insurance is expected at CHECK IN for each appointment.


The PT@acac team is always happy to investigate what you might owe prior to starting your treatment.

Contact us prior to your first visit, and we will share information about projected costs of treatment. As a courtesy to you, we will investigate what your benefits are likely to cover, and other options for paying for treatment.

PT@acac Billing is managed by BMS Billing Services.

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