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Arthritis Management

Restore Range of Motion, Reduce Pain

If you suffer from arthritis, it is likely that joint pain and stiffness limit your mobility and impact your quality of life. PT@acac's goal is to help you maintain your optimal level of movement and minimize your pain.

Don't avoid activities such as climbing stairs, exercising and enjoying community events due to pain
Instead, work with our experienced PT@acac therapists to learn how to exercise properly, decrease the strain on your joints, and increase your mobility and strength.

If your pain does not allow you to perform conventional exercises, you may be prescribed aquatic exercise in our full-sized therapeutic warm water pools at acac Albemarle Square or acac Downtown.

Our therapists will also work with you on adaptive strategies to help you perform daily activities such as dressing and climbing stairs with less pain.

We are dedicated to ensuring you live your life at your best.

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