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Neck and Back Therapy

Do you suffer from neck or back pain? Many people have come to accept low back discomfort as a part of normal living. Don’t assume you have to live with it. Physical therapy is the number one choice of physicians to manage and eliminate pain associated with neck 

and back disorders. Whether you suffer from a muscle strain, disc disorder or spinal injury, you may benefit from physical therapy. Research shows that with the proper balance of manual treatment, exercise and education, you can once again live a healthy life without back pain.

Our unique approach includes manual therapy techniques to improve your mobility and alignment and decrease your pain. You will learn appropriate exercises to alleviate muscle spasms and strengthen your spine. In our patient education program, you will learn how to bend and lift properly as well as how to perform your desired activities such as household chores, gardening and recreational activities while avoiding injury.


When you experience frequent headaches, your ability to work and function are dramatically affected. You are unable to focus, have difficulty concentrating and suffer from extreme fatigue. Despite your best efforts, work productivity and family time suffer.

The answer to your headaches may lie in your neck. Muscle imbalances and prolonged postures, such as sitting in front of a computer can lead to frequent headaches.

Physical Therapy@acac have expert physical therapists that specialize in alleviating headaches that are linked to neck dysfunction. We specialize in manual therapy to decrease muscle tension and restore normal motion to the head and neck. As you learn simple exercises that support proper posture, you will see a notable decrease in frequency and intensity of your headaches. 

Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD)

Teeth clenching, jaw pain and teeth grinding are common symptoms of TMJD (dysfunction of the temporal mandibular joint or the joint of your jaw) and can lead to difficulty opening your mouth to eat or speak. Tension in the muscles that support the jaw can also cause frequent headaches.

Our team of expert physical therapists at Physical Therapy@acac can alleviate excess muscle tone and restore normal jaw opening so that you can return to a pain free, normal life. You will also receive advice on appropriate diet modifications, ergonomics and exercises that will support better posture and help prevent your pain from returning.

For more information, contact our TMJD specialists:


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