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Neck and Back Therapy

We are the #1 choice of Local Physicians to Manage & Eliminate Neck & Back Pain 

Our philosophy: you do NOT have to 'live' with neck and back pain. Physical Therapy@acac offers balanced therapy options including manual therapy, exercise and education, and return you to living a healthy life without back pain.

Our treatment is customized to the needs of each individual patient, but out unique approach may include:

• manual therapy techniques to improve your mobility, alignment & decrease pain

• educate you on appropriate exercises to alleviate muscle spasms and strengthen your spine

• teach you how to bend and lift properly to avoid injury

• teach you techniques for engaging safely in your typical activities such as household chores, gardening & recreational activities while avoiding injury

Our Experts Specialize in Alleviating Headaches Linked to Neck Dysfunction

The secret to alleviating your frequent headaches may lie in your neck. Muscle imbalances or prolonged postures, such as sitting in front of a computer, may be the culprit. 

Frequent headaches can adversely affect your work productivity and family time can suffer as a result. 

PT@acac offers specialized manual therapy techniques to decrease muscle tension and restore normal motion to the head and neck. As part of your treatment, and your therapist will teach you simple exercises to encourage proper posture to avoid re-injury.

After their course of treatment with us, our patients usually experience a notable decrease in frequency and intensity of their headaches.

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