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“When I arrived for treatment at The Spine Center, Albert spent a lot of time with me, asking in-depth questions about what I was currently doing, and what results I wanted to achieve. The therapy process was built up over time, and as I improved, the workouts became more strenuous. Coming to The Spine Center for workouts is something I genuinely enjoy and look forward to. My workdays are usually very sedentary, and now I am so much better about getting up regularly and walking around the office during the day, taking breaks, so that I never have a setback that causes pain and keeps me from running again.”

- David Brown

“I was looking to improve my balance . . . I was not able to balance independently on one leg for more than a few seconds. Attending sessions at the Spine Center has helped me to regain stability and I am able to do exercises and activities more safely. For anyone who is somewhat ‘gym-phobic’ as I am, the Spine Center is a safe, inviting place to get a great guided workout without the rigors of a regular gym setting.”

- Sandie

“I am a retired nurse, and I have had arthritis for many years. I had four surgeries, four years in a row – and three of them were orthopedic surgeries. After that process, I felt completely deconditioned, on top of all this neck pain that started after my third surgery. The Spine Center workouts and therapy have helped me attain better physical condition, and has helped my neck recover in a gentle, gradual way. Finally, I’m not living with neck pain 24/7, like I was for two years.” 

- Kathleen, 65

“I had a running injury 20 years ago that eventually led me to treatment at The Spine Center. I was a competitive marathon runner with the classic ‘push through it’ mentality when pain became an issue – until I woke up one day and absolutely couldn't do anything because of the pain I felt from bursitis and other issues. I started physical therapy elsewhere; went to an alignment specialist; did pelvic floor work – I kept searching for the solution, but my pain persisted. I heard about The Spine Center, and as I hoped, it has been the “missing piece” to my treatment options.  It’s just been wonderful, and I'm so grateful.”

- Diana Foster, 69

“This has been the best thing to happen to me after my accident. I came in with neck, back and knee problems. They have strengthened my neck, I have no more pain, my legs have muscle, and my back is stronger. I can walk better with less pain and my neck feels great. Love this place.”

- Rich, 68

“At the start of physical therapy I could not do these things on my own. Over the course of my therapy, I have regained my independence and comfort in being able to perform these activities. This weekly program has helped so much, in more ways that you know. Thank you so much.”

- Chantelle, 23

“I could do all these routine movements before – except in more pain. The primary benefit of this program is that I can do these with less pain. I have been able to stop the prescription medication and manage my pain with ibuprofen and exercise.”

- Silva, 59

“It is my pleasure to express how my daily routine has improved since I started the Spin Center. I went from barely walking into my first appointment to being able to do all of my activities pain free. Simple things like tying my shoes while bending over to walking (and yes, even running) became possible again, with no pain! I recommend it to anyone at any age that is living with daily pain. I am forever grateful.”

- Mike B, 58

“This program greatly helped with my daily activities by increasing my stability, flexibility, strength and mobility. Most importantly, it has taught me to listen to my body and its mechanics. I appreciate everything I have learned and recommend to anyone who suffers from a chronic degenerative condition.”

- Ken, 37

“The Spine Center’s workouts are not just lifting weights or one muscle group worked at a time. Their workouts provide full body functional movements. This makes the protocol helpful for athletes as well as those recovering from injuries or chronic pain.  The focus of the Spine Center’s therapy approach is building a stronger foundation. Patients use their core muscles, and actually develop muscular control, balance and proprioception -- all things that are often missed out on in a traditional gym setting. My sons have done the Spine Center workouts and really benefitted from them. Kids in the age range from 10 to 14 can experience a kind of a clumsy period. During this time, the Spine Center’s method can help young athletes gain muscular control.”

-Nicole Grevious, PTA, ATC

“The PT@acac Spine Center’s early results have been excellent, and our numbers are growing. I truly believe this is a solution for multiple populations ranging from the young athlete to the baby boomer with balance issues. Most significantly, The Spine Center provides a viable and successful treatment option for patients with chronic back pain, who have previously floated from provider to provider, seeking solutions. Spine Center provides a therapy protocol unlike any other in Central Virginia. Their clinical program is geared towards reestablishing normal movement patterns and core strengthening in patients who have lost functional capabilities because of acute or chronic low back pain.”

-  Dr. Greg Degnan
Sentara Martha Jefferson Orthopedics, Medical Director, acac Fitness & Wellness Centers, American Council on Exercise (ACE) Industry Advisory Panel

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