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Physical Therapy at acac is now able to provide Outpatient Physical Therapy at home.

PT@acac At Home can provide one-on-one therapy in a patient’s home, either as the complete outpatient rehabilitation program or as a bridge from the hospital or home health therapy program into a more traditional outpatient physical therapy clinic.

Who would benefit from PT@acac At Home?

  • Patients discharged from acute care/Medicare Part A, that may still benefit from at-home therapy.
  • Patients who need a treatment program that is built around how they live.
  • Patients whose treatment goals are to gain greater independence or function in their own homes.
  • Patients who have other medical conditions that make it challenging or not safe to come to an outpatient PT clinic.
  • Patients who have barriers to regularly getting to a clinic such as transportation needs, childcare or elder care responsibilities.
  • Patients who may need to start or complete their outpatient PT program in the home instead of the clinic.
  • Patients who may need an in-home assessment as part of their comprehensive outpatient physical therapy rehabilitation.
  • Patients who have caregivers that may need one on one training to be able to successfully assist them at home.

PT@acac At Home Offers In-Home Risk Assessments

(Fees Apply)

Home Safety Assessments

for any adult experiencing or anticipating changes in mobility

Goals of this assessment are to:

– AVOID unnecessary moves

– REDUCE caregiver burden

– AVOID unnecessary placements into nursing homes or

assisted living facilities

We strongly promote “active and safe aging-in-place.”

During our home safety assessment,

our experts will:

Evaluate the resident’s mobility

Evaluate access to all rooms in the home

Create a room-by-room assessment

Identify safe exit strategies from the home

Analyze the findings and share recommendations for living safely in place, and to make activities of daily living easier

Fall Risk Assessments

for adults seeking to test their baseline risk of falling

During the fall risk assessment, our experts will:

Conduct various balance challenges

Assess walking

Assess strength

Determine the risk of falling

Deliver assessment results with specific recommendations for reducing their risk of falls

To learn more or to request an assessment appointment, call 434.443.0295

This new program has wide eligiblility criteria for patients who do not qualify or cease to qualify for “Home Health/Medicare Part A.” PT@acac At Home’s outpatient services may fall under “Medicare Part B” or commercial medical insurance coverage. You do not need to be a member of acac Fitness & Wellness Centers or a previous patient of Physical Therapy at acac to obtain treatment with PT@acac At Home.

Our PT@acac At Home team

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