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» Dance Medicine, Therapy for Gymnasts, Divers, Tumbers

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Dance Medicine, Therapy for Gymnasts, Divers, Tumbers

PT@acac is proud to offer dancers, tumblers, gymnasts, divers, and other athletes therapy services focused not only on injury management, but also injury prevention. Our dance medicine physical therapists utilize their extensive backgrounds in dance to get you back and keep you on stage. Their hands-on techniques as well as use of the Pilates method will help you heal and aid in injury prevention.

What Sets Us Apart: Our dance medicine physical therapists have been in your shoes, quite literally. From having experience as professional dancers to completing research and teaching dance medicine, they know what you are going through. Our therapists have worked with dancers on the local, national and international level from creative movement to professional performers and would love to help you reach your goals. Additionally, our facilities are perfect for the treatment of dancers – from Pilates reformers available for use during treatment to ballet barres in our clinics, we are ready to serve you.

In addition to customized physical therapy for dancers, we offer the following dance-related services:

Pointe Readiness Assessment: We provide a complete assessment of the fundamental elements necessary for safe pointe work, including ankle range of motion, strength, balance, core stability, neuromuscular control, lower extremity alignment and specific technique required for ballet.

Dance Injury Screening: If you are, unfortunately, injured, this screening is for you. We will assess your current injury and perform a risk assessment as it pertains to your specific form of dance. Then, we will recommend appropriate management techniques, including suggestions for how to enhance your performance in class. You will also receive a customized program to better prevent future injuries and enrich your current conditioning program.

Dancer Wellness Screening: With the goal of preventing future injuries, our dance medicine therapists will evaluate your strength and range of motion as well as movements specific to your style of dance in order to design a training program specific to you. This can be repeated yearly to assess changes in fitness level, execution of skills, growth and physical changes.

Dance Physical Therapists 

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