Our Services

Neck and Back Therapy

Our philosophy: you do NOT have to 'live' with neck and back pain.

PT@acac offers comprehensive therapy options including manual therapy, exercise and patient education in order to return you to living a healthy, painfree life.

Our treatment is customized to the needs of each individual and may include:

  • manual therapy techniques to improve your mobility & decrease pain

  • patient education on appropriate exercises to alleviate muscle spasms and strengthen your spine

  • how to bend and lift properly to avoid injury

  • techniques for moving comfortably during activities such as household chores, gardening & recreational activities while avoiding injury

Our Experts Specialize in Alleviating Headaches Linked to Neck Dysfunction

The secret to alleviating your frequent headaches may lie in your neck; muscle imbalances or prolonged postures, such as sitting in front of a computer, may be the culprit. 

PT@acac offers specialized manual therapy techniques to decrease muscle tension and restore motion to the neck & spine. As part of your treatment, your therapist will teach you exercises to encourage proper posture to avoid re-injury.

After their course of treatment with us, our patients report a notable decrease in frequency and intensity of their headaches.