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Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Rely on our Recovery Experts

Our experienced, specialized, and highly skilled team of physical therapists fully understand the impact of your specific surgery and successfully tailor your treatment plan to optimally achieve your goals.  We will help you build a safe program to return to playing your favorite sport and resuming your active life.

  • Our therapists and team will take a hands-on approach to assist with orthopedic and neuromuscular dysfunction, restore normal joint mobility and muscle strength. 

  • Manual therapy techniques will be used (both pre- and post-surgery) to address pain and restore movement. 

  • A customized exercise program based on your unique goals and surgical procedure will be developed.  You will receive guidance and feedback from your therapy team throughout your treatment to ensure you are performing the exercises safely and correctly.

  • Aquatic Therapy utilizing acac Fitness & Wellness Center's warm water therapy pools may be prescribed to promote early restoration of movement and decrease post-surgical pain.

We are proud of our record of achieving exceptional outcomes and assisting patients in a complete recovery.

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