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» PT@acac Offers Treament for post- COVID-19 Patients
PT@acac Offers Treament for post- COVID-19 Patients

PT@acac offers Specialized Treatment for post- COVID-19 Patients

Physical Therapy at acac is offering their Early Mobility & Intervention Treatment in-clinic or in-home for patients recovering from COVID-19, experiencing Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS), or generalized deconditioning after prolonged illness.

The ultimate goal of Early Mobility & Intervention Treatment is to help patients return to normal functioning: being able to resume work, exercise, pursue recreation and regular daily activites faster.

PT@acac’s treatment protocol, developed by their team for over a decade, is now adapted for COVID-19 recovery, and may include:

• Continuous monitoring of vital signs & tolerance to treatment

• Individualized treatment based on the needs of each patient, such as –

  • Breathing retraining - return to natural breathing patterns
  • Enhancing strength & endurance
  • Training of core
  • Cardiovascular endurance training - increase and restore fitness level
  • Endurance conservation - restore & maintain normal energy levels

Patients may access treatment in Physical Therapy at acac's clinics, or arrange for in-home treatment. 

Some precautions/restrictions may apply, please contact us  at acacpt.com/locations for more details.

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