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Cupping Therapy

Little Cups That Pour Out Lots of Relief

Vacuum or cupping therapy is:

  • a centuries-old therapeutic technique
  • considered a manual therapy technique when used by licensed professionals, including Physical Therapists & Athletic Trainers
  • uses suction to pull up on the skin and create space and movement through the layers of tissue underneath the skin; it is useful for easing muscle tension, alleviating adhesions in “stuck” tissues, and encouraging increased circulation
  • used in conjunction with other therapies such heat/ice, massage, stretching, and rehabilitative exercises

When most people think of cupping, they may think of the marks the therapy technique can leave on the skin, but the marks are not bruises and disaapate quickly.  The cups used by Physical Therapy @ acac specialists and by our Athletic Trainers are polycarbonate plastic cups, and suction on the skin is achieved from a manual pump gun.

Watch this video to learn more about exactly how PT@acac's cupping techniques succeed in "pulling the bad stuff out, and pulling the good stuff in" from PT@acac's Melanie about cupping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLD5WFTG4lU&feature=youtu.be

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