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Dance Medicine at PT@acac

Dance Medicine: Restoring Health & Preventing Injury 

PT@acac is proud to offer dance medicine services focused notonly on injury management, but also on injury prevention.

Our dance medicine physical therapists utilize their extensive backgrounds in dance to get you back to what you love and keep you on stage.

Our Dance Medicine Team: providing treatment for dancers, by dancers

Their hands-on techniques, understanding of the dancer’s unique body, and dance-specific interventions - including the use of the Pilates method - will help you heal and aid in injury prevention.

Additionally, our facilities are perfect for the treatment of dancers - from ballet barres and mirrors in our clinics to Pilates reformers available to use in your sessions, we are ready to serve you.

Dance Medicine Services: 

• Dance injury rehabilitation

• Pilates-based exercises for rehabilitation

• Pre-season injury prevention screens

• Injury prevention assessments

• Pointe readiness assessments

• Workshops

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