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PT@acac offers OT & Changes Lives

Patient Sets Recovery Bar High, Our OT Meets the Challenge

"I had a car accident in early September of last year. Immediately after, I saw an orthopedist and found out I had fractures in my wrist and collarbone. Two weeks later, I emerged from surgery at the UVa Hand Center with the path to rehab set before me. 

When the splint came off, my specialist at UVa referred me to Bobby Blair MOT, OTR/L at PT@acac Peter Jefferson Place clinic for  occupational therapy, and by the end of September, I had started on my OT journey.

When I first met Bobby, I made it clear to him that OT "success" for me would include my return to regularly practicing yoga pain-free and with as little modification as possible. At this time, I could barely make a fist with my injured hand or wiggle my fingers. Setting the expectation of returning to my vinyasa yoga practice, with its heavy reliance on wrist support and strength for many of its poses, did not daunt Bobby as it might have other therapists.

Without making any unrealistic promises, Bobby took my recovery goals seriously from the start, and at every stage and milestone in my therapy process, I was shown and reassured that Bobby was tightly customizing his efforts to my ultimate goal to get back to full wrist function and beyond - to my rather challenging yoga practice. 

As Bobby and I focused on my wrist, I worked with PT@acac's Justin Pretlow on my shoulder mobility. Bobby and Justin stayed in sync the whole time for optimal efficiency and best outcomes for my therapy in both areas. Tammy at the front desk became my always-welcoming and steadfast "8am buddy" when I arrived for clinic sessions. Every visit to the clinic made me feel that I had a truly expert and cohesive team working with me and caring about my recovery. I can not say enough good things about the whole experience.

Bobby was, frankly, a miracle worker, considering the tall task I challenged him to. His heroics included building me custom braces and casts to help facilitate specific movement, support and lingering pain challenges in my wrist. His positivity and charisma even reached my husband and daughter, who would 'keep vigil' over my therapy progress between appointments, often asking me at home: "have you done the exercises and stretches Bobby assigned you yet today?"

Less than six months later, I was back to my vinyasa yoga practice with optimal flow. In some ways, the practice is better than before. Through the therapy journey with Bobby, I learned so much that took me to my recovery and beyond. I owe Bobby and the team at PT@acac so much gratitude! 

I have been through physical therapy at other providers, where I felt like just another appointment to them, and was brought through very repetitive sessions that I was never assured were customized to me. What I got at PT@acac was completely different. Every day at PT@acac was a new day, that the commitment of their therapists to their patients as a whole is incredible."  – Sarah Dawkins

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Bobby Blair MOT, OTR/L Certified Hand Therapist, specializes in Post-Surgical Rehabilitation, Hand, Wrist, Elbow, Custom Orthotics, Graston Technique, and Ergonomics

T. Justin Pretlow DPT, OCS, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Specializes in Sports-Related Injuries, Pre/Post Surgical Rehab, Shoulder, Knee, Foot/Ankle, Running Injuries, and Dry Needling

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