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Tune Up Your Turnout Workshop with ABT

PT@acac dance med specialists hosted a Prevention & Performance Services session called "Tune Up Your Turnout" last Thursday, July 27, 2023 for Albemarle Ballet Theatre.

Krysten Malcolm, PT, DPT, OCS and Shannon Wyant, PT, DPT of PT@ACAC conducted the free workshop in collab with Albemarle Ballet Theatre (learn more at abtdance.org).

The inspiration for the dancer wellness-focused workshop was "The Artistic Athlete" offerings, new to PT@acac through their Prevention & Performance Services.

"The Artistic Athlete physical therapy services offering is for anyone wanting to balance their physical performance goals and injury prevention," says Krysten Malcolm, PT, DPT, OCS.

Malcolm, whose physical therapy specialties include dance & performing arts medicine, treating sports injuries, manual therapy, dry needling, and general orthopedics, continues: "Our Artistic Athlete services are targeted towards athletes and performers who can benefit from customized performance optimization services offered by PT@acac's specialized physical therapists."

"Services offered under the Artistic Athlete offering are ideal for dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters, tumblers/ cheerleaders and other artistic athletes," says Malcolm.

How will The Artistic Athlete offerings be delivered? 

By assessing a patient’s functional movements, our physical therapists will seek to find unidentified issues and assess any reported issues that may interrupt an artistic athlete’s healthy and optimized participation in their art and sport.

Additionally, our PTs will provide treatment options appropriate for artistic athletes that help prevent injury and facilitate meeting performance goals, and will present options for patient access to ongoing treatment.

Treatment may include hands-on soft tissue and joint mobilizations, instrument-assisted soft tissue work like cupping or use of massage gun, dry needling, and exercises to help carry over the work done by our therapists in the clinic. These sessions are completed with the goal of keeping you healthy and participating injury and pain-free in the activity that you love.

...we're just getting started with The Artistic Athlete, and PT@acac plans to roll out more Prevention & Performance Services offerings soon! 

For a Facebook post about The Artistic Athlete, visit here.

For an Instagram post, visit here.


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