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Reiko Simmons

Reiko Simmons, DPT

Clinical Interests: General orthopedics, adult & pediatric concussion/mTBI, autonomic dysreflexia, neck pain and headaches, low back pain, foot/ankle disorders.

Reiko earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in education with a concentration in Kinesiology at the University of Virginia. She then spent time learning about the physical therapy profession locally in Charlottesville, including at PT@acac. During this time, she started her own personal journey in strength training and fitness. As a non-athlete growing up, she often felt intimidated by sports, but understood the importance of being physically active. She used her identity as a non-athlete to connect with other non-athletes to help them find fitness and strength training to lead physically active and healthy lives. Falling in love with the act of helping others grow strong and build confidence while being able to connect personally with each individual, she decided to pursue a career as a physical therapist. She went on to attend Virginia Commonwealth University and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. In her spare time, Reiko can be found gardening, enjoying live music outdoors, cooking to entertain, and serving her community through advocacy and leadership.

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