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PT@acac At Home

Address: 504 Albemarle Square
Charlottesville, VA, 22901

Telephone: 434.817.7848

Fax: 434.465.6834

Mon: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Tue: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Wed: 7:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Thu: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Fri: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Physical Therapy in Albemarle Square, Charlottesville VA

Physical Therapy at acac is now able to provide Outpatient Physical Therapy at home.

PT@acac At Home can provide one-on-one therapy in a patient’s home, either as the complete outpatient rehabilitation program or as a bridge from the hospital or home health therapy program into a more traditional outpatient physical therapy clinic.

About Us

Physical Therapy@acac is currently marking our 15th anniversary as a dedicated health-care provider in Charlottesville, VA.

Everything we do is aimed to ensure you receive individualized care.

Our evidence-based manual therapy focused treatments are custom-designed to help you recover from your injury or condition as quickly as possible.

The PT@acac team brings the depth of over 350 years of combined experience.


To exceed the expectations of our patients, providers and community by providing the highest level of quality physical therapy through professionalism and dedication to the total well being of each patient in a positive environment.

Who would benefit from PT@acac At Home?

  • Patients discharged from acute care/Medicare Part A, that may still benefit from at-home therapy.
  • Patients who need a treatment program that is built around how they live.
  • Patients whose treatment goals are to gain greater independence or function in their own homes.
  • Patients who have other medical conditions that make it challenging or not safe to come to an outpatient PT clinic.
  • Patients who have barriers to regularly getting to a clinic such as transportation needs, childcare or elder care responsibilities.
  • Patients who may need to start or complete their outpatient PT program in the home instead of the clinic.
  • Patients who may need an in-home assessment as part of their comprehensive outpatient physical therapy rehabilitation.
  • Patients who have caregivers that may need one on one training to be able to successfully assist them at home.

This new program has wide eligiblility criteria for patients who do not qualify or cease to qualify for “Home Health/Medicare Part A.” PT@acac At Home’s outpatient services may fall under “Medicare Part B” or commercial medical insurance coverage. You do not need to be a member of acac Fitness & Wellness Centers or a previous patient of Physical Therapy at acac to obtain treatment with PT@acac At Home.


Every member of the team at ACACPT is focused on your healing journey. We offer a wide range of special services, so you receive optimal care. You will find, from the moment you make an appointment until you complete your treatment, personalized, reliable, cost-effective healthcare. Our goal is to create and maintain a great healing environment, and continuously evaluate to improve every possible aspect of the practice. Our team is here to ensure excellence in your patient care.

Services Offered

Every injury is different and every body heals differently. So, at ACACPT, we offer a wide range of services to customize your healing plan. After a thorough assessment of your condition, your plan is tailored to suit your injury, your pain, your lifestyle, and your schedule. 

Most patients require more than one type of physical therapy service to achieve their healing goals. Sometimes, all of those services are offered by one therapist, and other time you may find yourself working with two or more specialists. Check out your condition(s) in more detail.

Insurances Accepted

PT@acac is a provider with all major insurance companies.

Not sure what your insurance will cover? Contact us. Physical Therapy@acac will verify physical therapy benefits prior to your initial evaluation and obtain authorization if needed, as courtesy to you.

We file insurance claims for each date of service and claims are reviewed and reimbursed according to the terms of your insurance policy. You will be informed of your financial responsibility at your first appointment.

Click here to learn more about our payment options and to make an online payment.

Here is a list of some of the insurance companies we work with:

  • Automobile Insurances
  • Aetna
  • Amerigroup
  • Carefirst-Blue Cross Blue Shield plans
  • Coventry
  • Cigna
  • GEHA
  • John Hopkins Employee Health Plan
  • Medicare
  • Maryland Medicaid
  • Multiplan
  • Priority Partners
  • PHCS
  • Tricare Standard & Prime
  • United Healthcare
  • United Healthcare Community Plan
  • US Family
  • Workers Compensation

Why is physical therapy important?

Physical therapy is an important element to help you recover from pain, whether from a sudden injury, or a chronic problem.

Strengthening – Unbalanced or weak muscles can lead to pain, put undue stress on joints, and increase the risk of injury. Physical therapy can strengthen surrounding musculature, which can help to reduce the strain on your joints.

Movement Patterns – Most of us have faulty movement patterns created by our lifestyles over the years. Everything from our footwear to our office chairs can set up patterns of movement that are unbalanced or otherwise problematic. If you have chronic pain or have suffered an injury, physical therapy helps address the underlying movement patterns. Physical therapy provides pain relief and makes corrections to reduce the risk of reinjury and ongoing problems.

Prevent scar-tissue build-up – After you have been injured or had surgery, scar tissue forms naturally as part of the healing process. But if the scar tissue builds up too much it frequently causes pain and excessive tightness. Physical therapists use several techniques to prevent scar tissue build-up to ensure any scar tissue supports your healing and doesn’t impede your rehabilitation and recovery.

Improve surgical outcomes - Physical therapy addresses pain, strength, scar tissue, range of motion, and more issues associated with surgery. Many patients find physical therapy both before and after surgery helps shorten recovery times.

Flexibility and range of motion – Developing and  maintaining flexibility and range of motion makes everyday activities easier, less painful, and more fun. Your physical therapist designs appropriate stretching exercises and therapies to help you move about more freely.

For pain relief, greater strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility physical therapy is an important component of a healthy lifestyle and to help recover from chronic pain or any injury.

What makes ACACPT different?

At ACACPT, our focus is on your healing journey. We start by listening carefully and making a thorough assessment of your condition(s) before making a recovery plan. You are the center of the process, so we discuss your goals to make sure that every step of the way you are comfortable with the approach and support you receive.

Physical therapy treatments often work to reduce pain immediately, but healing takes time. As you progress, your physical therapist will reassess your condition(s) and modify your treatment plan as you go along.

At ACACPT, we are with you every step of the way! 

Take Back Your Life!

The first step to recovery and taking back your life with physical therapy is to meet with a physical therapist. This initial meeting is exceptionally enlightening for many patients. You will discuss your condition(s) and how it limits your lifestyle. Your physical therapist will provide insights into why your body reacts as it does, and help you understand more about what healing will occur as you continue on your recovery plan.

Most patients leave that initial physical therapy session feeling hopeful (and many have less pain already!) Don’t suffer for one more minute!

Success Stories

David Brown

David Brown,

“When I arrived for treatment at BASE Clinic, Albert spent a lot of time with me, asking in-depth questions about what I was currently doing, and what results I wanted to achieve. The therapy process was built up over time, and as I improved, the workouts became more strenuous. Coming to BASE Clinic for workouts is something I genuinely enjoy and look forward to. My workdays are usually very sedentary, and now I am so much better about getting up regularly and walking around the office during the day, taking breaks, so that I never have a setback that causes pain and keeps me from running again.”

Kenneth Hunt Jr.

Kenneth Hunt Jr.,

"PT@acac has been wonderful in all that they have done. Our therapist has been excellent. Very caring, observant and informative. When calling in the staff is most helpful. Having the opportunity to have in-home therapy is great during this difficult time as it's most important to keep someone safe that has a compromising health situation. Thank you!"



“I was looking to improve my balance . . . I was not able to balance independently on one leg for more than a few seconds. Attending sessions at BASE Clinic has helped me to regain stability and I am able to do exercises and activities more safely. For anyone who is somewhat ‘gym-phobic’ as I am, BASE Clinic is a safe, inviting place to get a great guided workout without the rigors of a regular gym setting.”

Jana Gamble

Jana Gamble,

"I think that PT@acac provides a quality of care that is unparalleled in Charlottesville. The clinics have access to state of the art equipment and therapy pools, which makes the breadth of services and therapies very comprehensive. Combined with their hands-on approach, PT@acac achieves excellent outcomes. I have used their services during pregnancy for severe back pain as well as for injury support while training for a marathon (which I was able to run thanks to their help). I've experienced other physical therapy clinics in Charlottesville and PT@acac is by far the best. Most insurances do not require a referral from a doctor, so you can make an appointment directly!"

Terri Bibb

Terri Bibb,

"I had a knee replaced in June, and began seeing Becky Keller as soon as I was able after the surgery. She is awesome!! Extremely knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. She took her time during the initial evaluation, found out exactly what I hoped to achieve and set my treatment plan accordingly. She was patient with me, but pushed me at the same time. I am very pleased with my recovery. She is now helping me with my Plantar Fasciitis. I will go to Becky whenever I need a Physical Therapist."

Glen Seitz

Glen Seitz,

"Over the years, Dave Strickler has put me back together after I injured an ankle, a rotator cuff, a lower back muscle,and a hip muscle. I like Dave because he treats me as if I am an individual and not just another client. He always makes me feel better, and he often makes me laugh. He is clear about what I can do to improve my condition, as well as what I should avoid. I am so grateful there are people like Dave who have the training and the temperament to help people who are injured or otherwise incapacitated."

Diana Foster, 69

Diana Foster, 69,

“I had a running injury 20 years ago that eventually led me to treatment at BASE Clinic. I was a competitive marathon runner with the classic ‘push through it’ mentality when pain became an issue – until I woke up one day and absolutely couldn't do anything because of the pain I felt from bursitis and other issues. I started physical therapy elsewhere; went to an alignment specialist; did pelvic floor work – I kept searching for the solution, but my pain persisted. I heard about BASE Clinic, and as I hoped, it has been the “missing piece” to my treatment options. It’s just been wonderful, and I'm so grateful.”

Jill Trischman-Marks

Jill Trischman-Marks,

"PT (Becky Keller) is very professional, she asks questions and truly listens to your response. I know she wants the best possible outcome for me. Other staff is friendly and helpful. The facility is always clean and I feel safe there. Great leadership from Kim Starr too."

Tammi Reynolds

Tammi Reynolds,

"My therapist is outstanding - she really listens and we work together to figure out how we can reach my goals. Everyone on staff has been friendly and helpful, and it is very clean. Guidelines for safety are in place and followed."

Marietta McCarty

Marietta McCarty,

I entrusted my shoulder and its multiple fractures to Carter White in 2015. The shoulder knitted back together with Carter's expertise and our teamwork and without surgery. Not surprisingly, 4 years later the shoulder needs a tuneup, and once again Carter's healing touch has me on the way to a long-lasting healthy shoulder. His use of dry needling has surely helped, transforming golf-ball-like knots into functioning fascia. Carter establishes a rapport with his patients that is essential to the healing process, explaining what and why and how. He's keenly aware that, while he has many clients, I only have one left shoulder and it requires trust for me to hand it over for treatment. Thank you, Carter, for the synchronized dancing of my rotator cuff muscles.

Kathleen, 65

Kathleen, 65,

“I am a retired nurse, and I have had arthritis for many years. I had four surgeries, four years in a row – and three of them were orthopedic surgeries. After that process, I felt completely deconditioned, on top of all this neck pain that started after my third surgery. BASE Clinic workouts and therapy have helped me attain better physical condition, and has helped my neck recover in a gentle, gradual way. Finally, I’m not living with neck pain 24/7, like I was for two years.”

Rich, 68

Rich, 68,

“This has been the best thing to happen to me after my accident. I came in with neck, back and knee problems. They have strengthened my neck, I have no more pain, my legs have muscle, and my back is stronger. I can walk better with less pain and my neck feels great. Love this place.”

Chantelle, 23

Chantelle, 23,

“At the start of physical therapy I could not do these things on my own. Over the course of my therapy, I have regained my independence and comfort in being able to perform these activities. This weekly program has helped so much, in more ways that you know. Thank you so much.”

Silva, 59

Silva, 59,

“I could do all these routine movements before – except in more pain. The primary benefit of this program is that I can do these with less pain. I have been able to stop the prescription medication and manage my pain with ibuprofen and exercise.”

Mike B, 58

Mike B, 58,

“It is my pleasure to express how my daily routine has improved since I started the Spin Center. I went from barely walking into my first appointment to being able to do all of my activities pain free. Simple things like tying my shoes while bending over to walking (and yes, even running) became possible again, with no pain! I recommend it to anyone at any age that is living with daily pain. I am forever grateful.”

Ramona Wilber

Ramona Wilber,

I am so impressed with all of your staff as well as the most up to date equipment and therapy protocols. Previously I had to enroll my mother in a physical therapy program at another local institution. Your services are light years beyond. I am telling everyone I know that PT ACAC is the very best. Most important is the sincere caring and genuine commitment that is given by your staff. Of particular value, please convey my appreciation to Mark Caplinger for his outstanding support and guidance. Thank you for all you do.

Ken, 37

Ken, 37,

“This program greatly helped with my daily activities by increasing my stability, flexibility, strength and mobility. Most importantly, it has taught me to listen to my body and its mechanics. I appreciate everything I have learned and recommend to anyone who suffers from a chronic degenerative condition.”

Jacqueline Braxton

Jacqueline Braxton,

"I have been a patient of Mark Caplinger's on four different occasions over the past two years. He likes to build a rapport with his patients while focusing on their treatment. I highly recommend him if you are looking for an excellent caring therapist."

Nicole Grevious, PTA, ATC

Nicole Grevious, PTA, ATC,

“BASE Clinic’s workouts are not just lifting weights or one muscle group worked at a time. Their workouts provide full body functional movements. This makes the protocol helpful for athletes as well as those recovering from injuries or chronic pain.  The focus of BASE Clinic’s therapy approach is building a stronger foundation. Patients use their core muscles, and actually develop muscular control, balance and proprioception -- all things that are often missed out on in a traditional gym setting. My sons have done BASE Clinic workouts and really benefitted from them. Kids in the age range from 10 to 14 can experience a kind of a clumsy period. During this time, BASE Clinic’s method can help young athletes gain muscular control.”

Linda Winder

Linda Winder,

"I have had three separate incidents where I have had to have Physical Therapy at ACAC - Albemarle Square. Twice I was assigned to Tara Fontenot and her team. Not only did they help me work through the pain and limited mobility issues, I had fun doing it. First the PT rooms at Albemarle Square are mobility friendly, clean and spacious. The gals that run the front desk are always pleasant and ready to help. Once assigned a team, we spend a session discussing what happened, what my level of pain and mobility issues are and plan a course of action. Tara and her team listen to me and ask questions to get me thinking about how my body is reacting to movement and pain. We try different exercises to see which ones best meet my needs. I am never in pain during thier sessions. They make sure I am comfortable even when joints and muscles need to be flexed and extended. The first issue that took me to PT with Tara was an Achilles Tendon issue that had plagued me for years. I now walk without any sign of a limp and no pain. She is now helping me with a shoulder issue and I have already experienced improvement in just a few week’s time. I highly recommend Physical Therapy at ACAC and definitely recommend Tara and her team."

Dr. Greg Degnan

Dr. Greg Degnan,
Sentara Martha Jefferson Orthopedics, Medical Director, acac Fitness & Wellness Centers, American Council on Exercise (ACE) Industry Advisory Panel

“The PT@acac BASE Clinic’s early results have been excellent, and our numbers are growing. I truly believe this is a solution for multiple populations ranging from the young athlete to the baby boomer with balance issues. Most significantly, BASE Clinic provides a viable and successful treatment option for patients with chronic back pain, who have previously floated from provider to provider, seeking solutions. BASE Clinic provides a therapy protocol unlike any other in Central Virginia. Their clinical program is geared towards reestablishing normal movement patterns and core strengthening in patients who have lost functional capabilities because of acute or chronic low back pain.”

Chris Burke

Chris Burke,

"The physical therapy team at ACAC is truly fantastic. They are both knowledgeable, caring, and dedicate. I recently have gone through rehabilitation for a torn Achilles tendon and I was truly astounded at the difference that they made in my recovery. Besides having top-notch facilities the focus, and commitment to getting your patience better is clear every time I visit. Ann has singlehandedly dramatically improved my recovery and Steven and Renee are fabulous. They have my highest recommendation."

Ryan Gray

Ryan Gray,
Outreach, PT Extender

"When I first tried the BASE Clinic program, I quickly saw it was something very special. I’m not a "gym person," I’m mostly an endurance athlete. I do a lot of running, and bodyweight exercises. After trying the BASE Clinic workout I thought: “I could do this three days a week and really enjoy it.”

This thought followed: “Wow, this will get someone like me into the gym, doing this three days a week: lifting, getting stronger, and enjoying it." BASE Clinic’s special equipment is unique, but it’s also really simple to use. It’s not intimidating. I’ve been here at BASE Clinic for one year, and honestly: I’ve never had such a strong core in my life. I’ve noticed the positive difference when I run, and just in everyday living."

Other Physical Therapy Locations in Charlottesville VA

Our physical therapy clinics are conveniently located in Charlottesville, Waynesboro, and Crozet VA. 

BASE Clinic

410 Albemarle Square Charlottesville, VA, 22901

Phone: 434.817.7848


1015 Heathercroft Circle #200 Crozet, VA, 22932

Phone: 434.817.4283

Downtown Charlottesville

111 Monticello Ave #B Charlottesville, VA, 22902

Phone: 434.817.4276


760-B Town Center Dr. Waynesboro, VA, 22980

Phone: 540.943.2222

Proffit Road

3263 Proffit Road #203 Charlottesville, VA, 22911

Phone: 434.817.4284

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