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Now Offering Lymphedema Treatment

PT@acac Now Offering Treatment For Head & Neck Lymphedema

Megan Santacroce MS, CCC-SLP will offer Specialized Treatment

Have you been diagnosed with head and neck cancer?

Have you had head and neck surgery and/or received radiation treatments?

Are you experiencing -

  • swelling in the head, face, and/or neck,
  • a change in eating, swallowing, or breathing,
  • a change in communication,
  • a change in sight or hearing?

It could be lymphedema.

Lymphedema is a condition marked by swelling of the soft tissues due to accumulation of lymph. Lymph is a substance consisting mostly of water, but also containing proteins, chemicals, and white blood cells.

Head and Neck Lymphedema (HNL) is a condition that can follow surgery or radiation for the treatment of head and neck cancer. Up to 75% of patients will manifest some signs and symptoms of lymphedema after treatment for head and neck cancers.

HNL can be managed with proper treatment to reduce edema of the head and neck in order to improve communication and swallowing.

Treatment techniques include:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)
  • Compression
  • Exercise program development
  • Self-care education

Visit our website here and contact us at 434.817.4284 to learn more.

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