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If Your Jaw Hurts, It Might Be TMD

TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT DYSFUNCTION (TMD or TMJD) affects thousands of individuals and our team at Physical Therapy at acac is educated and skilled in treating the various causes of the dysfunction.

The onset can be linked to postural and muscular issues causing pain and difficulty opening your mouth. 

Teeth clenching, jaw pain and teeth grinding are common symptoms of TMD and can lead to difficulty opening your mouth to eat or speak. Tension in the muscles that support the jaw can also cause frequent headaches.

"Signs and symptoms include: joint noise, grinding, popping, clicking, headaches, difficulty opening/closing mouth, tinnitus, ringing in the ear.⁣" - Ann DeJong

We educate patients in proper stretching, exercise, posture, ergonomics and ADL modifications to help prevent pain and dysfunction from returning.

PT@acac's team with in dpeth knowledge and experience treating TMD can provide specialized treatment for each patient, working to restore pain-free movement. 

“Our PT treatment sessions use manual techniques, guidance, exercise progression and modalities to help with pain or swelling - this is all in combination with patient education.”⁣ - Stephen Jackson

To learn more and hear directly from some of PT@acac's TMD team specialists, watch this short video: PT acac TMD Video

To schedule an appointment to find out if your symptoms may be TMD, visit acacpt/locations

Visit acacpt.com's section on TMD: Services > Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction

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